Three years after the outbreak of the so called “refugee / migrant crisis” in Europe in 2015, Doctors of the World continued to support in 2018 the refugee and migrant populations trapped in the Greek territory, by providing medical and psychosocial care to thousands of people throughout the year.

The teams of Doctors of the World strove to ensure that these vulnerable populations and social groups have access to healthcare by being present on an everyday basis in Lesvos and Chios as well as in accommodation facilities for refugees and migrants in four regions of mainland Greece.

At the same time, particular emphasis was placed on supporting unaccompanied minors. This was accomplished partly through the programme “PEDIA” with the continuous presence of medical staff of the organization in more than ten hotels offering accommodation in Greece, and also through the operation of the “Accommodation Centre for Unaccompanied Minors” in central Athens. It is worth noting that at this accommodation facility, particular emphasis was placed on a holistic support approach by providing, on a daily basis, appropriate accommodation and personal hygiene conditions, psychosocial support, legal aid, education and entertainment services.