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A firm position of the Doctors of the World is that mental health is an integral and essential component of health. In 2018, the organization sought to expand its activities in the area of mental health, by focusing on psychosocial support programmes. The ultimate goal was to carry out the psychiatric reform, tackle the stigma that recipients of services face, and promote mental health in the community.

Specifically, Doctors of the World teams continued in 2018 to provide mental health services in the refugee and migrant accommodation centre of Kara Tepe, Lesvos and at the open polyclinic in Athens through the “Emergency Case Management Unit” and “Bridges” programmes.

At the same time, through the operation of the “OPEN minds” programme, Doctors of the World aimed to address the mental health issues of individuals that are part of vulnerable population groups, by providing access to psychological and social support in Athens and Thessaloniki on the basis of respect for their fundamental human rights. In addition, the organization worked together with Zeuxis in order to operate in Athens a “Day Centre for the Psychological and Social support of refugee & migrant children”, aiming to enhance their socialization and integration in the Greek education system. Finally, Doctors of the World intervened without delay in the Eastern Attica areas that were affected by the devastating fires in July, providing psychosocial support to the people living in the aforementioned areas.